The Loom poetry series, celebrating some of the best of contemporary poetry, is located in the historic mill town, Harrisville, New Hampshire.

Admission is free.

From the Founder

The goal of The Loom is to interweave contemporary poets, their poetry and the local audience in vibrant relationship. Each poem spoken in public shuttles through our individual and collective consciousness, enriching the fabric that connects us, especially in Harrisville.

The Loom presents accomplished, published poets to the community twice a year. Annually, we sponsor a Favorite Poem Reading by the community.

— Rebecca Kaiser Gibson


The Loom, Poetry in Harrisville, is a poetry reading series in the beautifully preserved 19th century mill town, Harrisville, nestled in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire. The events are hosted at one of two charming and historic churches in Harrisville: St. Denis. (former) Catholic Church, and the Harrisville Community Church.

Virtual/Online readings are hosted on Zoom. More information about location is on each event page. 

Photos of St. Denis courtesy Michelle Aldredge,