At The Loom’s First Favorite Poem Event, we came together to hear poems presented by members of the Harrisville community and neighbors. That Sunday afternoon we were treated to a heartening array of voices.  Each participant gave the gift of themselves in their choice of poem and the sincerity of their reading. \The important role of poetry in our lives was on display.

Thank you to all who attended. 

Pencil in our next event, Andrea Cohen & Maggie Dietz on May 19.

Rebecca introducing the April afternoon of Favorite Poems.  The readers had each submitted a poem and some words about how their poem had affected them. Some of the readers are visible behind her.
Alice Fogel, New Hampshire’s distinguished Poet Laureate had chosen W.S. Merwin’s Air, before his recent passing.  She read, as always, with sensitivity and dignity.
Gerry Debonis, retired orthopedic surgeon, read Ozymandias, by Shelley –  and detailed his responses to the atrophy of the once great.
Ann Day who didn’t seem her 90 years, spoke movingly about The Peace of Wild Things by Wendell Berry.
Larry White, Special Counsel for the University System of New Hampshire,  read The Mower, by Philip Larkin with a clean, wry awareness, Larkin might have appreciated.
Margaret Baker read Ellen Bass’s poignant and humorous, When You Return.
After the reading the readers and the audience were excited to connect. It was an exhilarating afternoon.